WcM Photography was born out of a desire to share visions that I have seen along life's journey and provide quality photographic services to others. This website is an extension of that mission. Historically, working from a base in the Walnut Creek, California, I was able service a diverse group of clients and to travel to many of the wonders of the deserts, Sierra Nevada, Pacific Coast, and the South Western United States to capture fine art landscape prints. Our primary focus has been on art reproduction for gallery brochures and book printings. We have relocated to Hattiesburg, MS and new challenges await us!

WcM Photography is a fully licensed and insured business interest. Look around and enjoy yourself! I certainly did taking the photographs.  The galleries are undergoing quality evaluations for printing. They are slowly being made available for purchases.  If you experience a problem with your prints, I will have it reprinted or refund your order, whichever you prefer. Simply send an email to wcmphotographs@gmail.com within 30 days of receiving your order. I would also like to know the problem.


Bill Meredith